Oh no no, it’s not Chocolate Rice, it’s Black Rice!

I just made some black rice, apart from the fact that it is pretty healthy (click here for benefits), it has an amazing taste! I needed something to add to my Indian (take-out) leftovers from yesterday (Sunday is no cook day for me). Great choice!

Black Rice

Yummy Black Rice




Feeling a bit Thai today….

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Happy Valentina’s Day!

Surprising the hubby with some cupcakes. Yummie in my tummie!


The Journey Begins…ideas?

Deceptively Delicious

Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get your Kids Eating Good Food

As hubby was treating me by making me a fancy Valentine dinner. I decided to step out of the kitchen (for once) and let him having fun in there. I headed to my nearest bookstore and perused cookbooks that I have been dying to get my heads on. I reviewed the typical cookbooks everyone is checking out such as the healthy or classical Italian, then I saw the book by Jessica Seinfeld (above) and it really caught my attention, I liked the price and I took it home. It is meant for Mom’s and Picky Eaters, it has typical meals (cookies, spaghetti, mac-n-cheese) ¬†everyone eats for dinner but with added veggies and fruits hidden for those Picky Eaters.

New Year, New Life: I might not have kids at the moment but I can certainly make new friends with these great meals. I can’t wait to try my Agave sweetener as well for added nutrition.