I’m naturally curious and love to enjoy learning new things such as new cultures and cuisine, the cheapest way to do this as a  full-time MBA student is cooking a “trip” in the kitchen. Therefore, I consider myself a “Beast in the Kitchen.” I find ways to make my meals frugal, healthy, and so0o tasty!

As a Hispanic American, I am always adding some black beans, cilantro, and salsa into my meals. I’m no professional, took only two years of Home-Ec in Middle School but I easily say I will spend 5 minutes in Williams-Sonoma before an hour passes me. When I went off to college, I burned out my first slow-cooker within my first semester by perfecting my beef stew that made me popular with the French Exchange students.

I try to cook lean, lactose-free, non creamy/spicy meals. I spend lots of time in grocery stores making sure the recipes are low in sodium. I dislike the consumption of pork. Pigs are friends, not food!


Cute Piggies

Last Christmas, I decided to take my obsession about the British to the next level and I made Yorkshire Pudding, Rib Roast, Bread Pudding for my family. My grandma (the original “Beast in the Kitchen” & ex-Restaurant owner) from Texas was there she really enjoyed the meal and other meals I prepared for her during her stay: the general consensus was when I was going to open my own restaurant?

Making a homemade meal should be a celebration not a chore!